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Rima Fakih Nude

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Rima Fakih Naked

Rima Fakih Nude
The reigning Miss USA Rima Fakih took part in an official Miss Universe photo session. She was photographed topless with her back to the camera. When asked why she decided not to show her marvelous breasts, she answered she didn’t want to offend the feeling of Muslims and Arabs because she is the Arab herself. I think all Arabic world must be proud to have such a girl, beautiful and religious at the same time.
Professional photographers did their best to reveal the exotic and wild beauty of Miss USA. The picture is awesome. Rima is looking at us through the shoulder attracting attention to her face and perfect curves. Doesn't she look like a young princess from the Arabian Nights? Too beautiful and too seductive to live among people so hidden on a tropical island? Oh she surely does! She is waiting for someone to set her free and get back to the palace. But I must admit I'd better stayed with Rima at the island to rest of my life.
With this original body paint on her back Rima becomes even more exotic and desirable, and the passionate look of hers makes all men go crazy. Nude Rima Fakih is perfect, just perfect! But we still keep asking with that pain in our hearts "Why, oh why aren’t you facing the camera, Rima? What kind of a treasure are you hiding there, you heartless beauty?"

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